PhD position in the context of a collaborative research program (CNAM/McGill)

In the context of a collaborative research program between the Vertigo/Database
team at the laboratory Cedric at Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) and
Mc Gill and Montreal Universities,  we offer a PhD position dedicated to the development
of prior models of languages of music scores for automated music transcription and
music information retrieval.

Supervisors of the position: Philippe Rigaux and Florent Jacquemard
Contacts for applications:,

The PhD work will aim at studying appropriate prior models for
representing languages of admissible music scores and guiding the generation of
relevant notation in automated music transcription. For instance, such a target
language model can be combined with a performance model in a transcription
procedure that returns one or more scores corresponding to a given interpretation.

This doctoral work will require methodologies coming from formal language
theory and natural languages processing in order to design rich language models able
to take into account specific elements of notation (grouping of notes, ties, dots,
grace notes…) and underlying metric constraints (for example invariants on the sum of
note durations within a beat or a measure).
A particular attention will be dedicaced to the application of models and transcription
methods to music information retrieval issues such document search, indexing and
classification in music digital libraries such as Neuma

The PhD position is part of Munir, a coordinated research program devoted to the search
and analysis of music that has been encoded into representative symbolic music format
(scores), and to the development of collections and tools to demonstrate the practical
impact and to disseminate the project’s results.

This PhD grant is a 3-year fellowship with an annual evaluation. The PhD student will
work at the Cedric laboratory of the CNAM institute
The applicants should hold a Master degree in computer science which would formally
entitle him/her to embark on a doctorate for the academic course 2017-2018 at this institute.
Knowledge in music representations (audio or symbolic) would be much appreciated.
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